CX Tips - Building the Business Case for Omnichannel

Omnichannel is rapidly transforming customer engagement across self and assisted service. With the rapid rise of the Web, mobile and social media, empowered customers are increasingly leveraging self-service over multiple channels when it’s offered. While most all companies can support multiple channels today, they typically manage them in silos resulting in a fragmented customer experience, missed sales opportunities and reduced operational efficiency.

Omnichannel Customer Experience in Action

In an omnichannel world, a customer can start a product inquiry via a mobile app or the company website while also calling into the contact center. With omnichannel awareness, your company can personalize the IVR treatment to directly connect the customer with a skilled agent who has full context of the customer, their preferences, their recent digital channel interactions and of previous engagement history. You can further join voice and digital sessions together to deliver a rich multimodal experience via co-browsing, video or visual assistance.

Quantifying the Omnichannel Business Case

The transformation to omnichannel is driving a refresh of customer engagement solutions within the contact center and across the enterprise. These metrics represent estimated and measured results from evaluating over 160 Genesys clients to help inform your omnichannel business case.

Improve customer satisfaction 15% through consistent, personalized engagement across all channels. Managing customer interactions in context of the full relationship and active customer journeys is proven to enhance customer satisfaction.

Improve close/cross-sell/ up-sell rates 2.5% and increase revenue 1.0% by leveraging omnichannel context to improve sales conversions. Interactions can be routed based on customer segmentation, customer journey, agent skills, recent interactions or any other context.

Increase customer retention rates 1.0%. Informing agents of customer preferences and business value enables proactive conversations that drive loyalty and reduce churn.

Improve first contact resolution 20.5% while reducing repeat callers by 4% and transfer rates by 11.4%. Preserving omnichannel interaction history across the customer’s journey drives routing to the best agent while empowering agents to improve first contact resolution and customer satisfaction.

Deflect 22.5% of inbound calls by offering customer/account information in the IVR. Many customer questions can be addressed without agent involvement. Proactively offering customers the most likely reason for their call and resolving it in the IVR deflects calls.

Avoid an average $2,791 per year per agent in vendor lock-in cost. A single pre-integrated, open standards platform can offset integration or upgrade charges from standalone, siloed vendor solutions.

Screen pop of omnichannel history reduces average handle time 35 seconds. Giving agents a consolidated contact history and context of previous interactions across channels enables agents and callers to enjoy efficient and personalized conversations.

Self-service identity and authentication improvements save 74 seconds in average handle time. The unified Genesys architecture shares context from the IVR to the agent screen, making optimal use of attached data (screen pop) to reduce unnecessary re-authentication.

Automated interaction blending reduces agent handle time by 12.5% and supervisor time by 37%. With a single omnichannel desktop, agents no longer spend valuable time manually switching between applications, and supervisors no longer have to manage agent assignment to channels.

Automated omnichannel workforce scheduling delivers 50% efficiency gains, optimizing skills-based scheduling across all channels and reducing time spent on manual scheduling. It also improves agent occupancy 10% via real-time forecasting of contact volume throughout the day.

Reduce processing of duplicate messages across channels by 50%. Customers that don’t receive a timely response often try again on another channel. Automatically consolidating duplicate messages reduces both rework and the potential for inconsistent responses.

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