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Timely Tips on Cost Savings Techniques

Saving Money in Hospitality

#1 Consolidate Your Phone Lines

Many Hospitality properties invest in a single, always on phone line package. Not efficient! Phone line usage peaks and tumbles throughout any given day or week. Consider a floating phone line package, that scales up and down as you need it to. No more paying for what you don’t use.

#2 Embrace Pay-As-You-Use Technology

Phone Lines are one thing. The actual Technology you use for Communications can be pay-as-you-go as well. Many typical software licensing models are perpetual, where you pay a big license fee up front for the right to use the software. Why not consider flipping that on it’s head and only pay when you actually use the software. You will save money up front and the best part of it is…..if you are busy using the software, you’re business is clearly busy and that means you are ahead of the curve.

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#3 Leverage Your Bandwidth (that you already have)

All Hoteliers understand the importance of fast and reliable Internet, however it can be used for more than Wi-Fi. Consider leveraging your off-peak internet use hours and split your bandwidth up to serve up Cloud backup strategies. Oh can let it run your phone lines as well.

#4 Keep Your Costs Under One Roof

Since we’re talking about consolidating and using pay-as-you-use. Think about applying that strategy to all of your Properties. Just like modern enterprises consolidate their internal systems, Hoteliers can do the same. Single image systems that power every Property are well in reach. Why have multiple layers of technology for each location? Flatten and consolidate to save money on usage and administration.

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