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RingCentral Office – Customer Info

All RingCentral Office customers receive the same expert installation as do our on-premise customers. A dedicated project manager will meet with you and discuss your call flows, your auto attendant and voice talent, your preferred extension ranges or Direct Inward Dial numbers you wish to port over etc. This is a customized engagement with our Pro Services team. As the customer you will need to provide details on how your phone system works today, what you want to optimize and any changes you would like to make. We'll do the technical part, all you have to do is have your information when we begin the installation.
To get the most from RingCentral Office, BrantTel recommends that you have fast internet, with diverse carriers to maintain 100 Kbps (kilobits per second) bi-directional to every phone on the service. We find that this can be challenging for some customers to achieve. BrantTel will guide you if you need assistance. Ask us about how we join 2 internet connections together to give you increased bandwidth and uptime.
In many cases with RingCentral Office, you can bring your own phones if they meet a technical requirement. Reach out to us or ask a question on this page about what models are supported. If you are migrating away from another cloud solution, there is a good chance your phones are compatible. The trick with this is, you may be charged for a 3rd party phone license, this is a one time charge that we'll inform you about if it applies.
No, your company is restricted to use the license type you sign up for. There are no mixing and matching of license types. This ensures that all users on your instance have the same feature set and helps user adoption during the deployment phase.
No, in fact you don't need to buy any phones if you don't want to. All licenses includes a Windows or MAC app and a mobile client app. The second option is to bring your own phones, mentioned in the post above.
You have some choices here. You can adminstrate the system yourself, or you can hop on one of BrantTel's support packages. You can be hands on or hands off, it's your choice.
The RingCentral Office cancellation policy is determined by your initial contract. If you have signed a 3 year contract then there is a penalty to cancel that contract early. Exactly how much depends on your user count, the services you consume and the date of which you wish to cancel in-contract.

RingCentral Office – The Basics

RingCentral Office is a Cloud-based phone system all your own. Your specific instance is hosted in Canadian data centres and delivered over the public internet to your location(s). Cloud-based trunking is included in your subscription, you don't have to pay for additional lines or PRI's (Megalinks).
There are several unique value propositions for RingCentral Office 1. This is your unique company communications platform in the Cloud 2. Everything is in one place - team chat, video meetings, phone calls, conferencing, fax over internet and Business texting (SMS) all from the same interface. 3. For those companies who are looking to enable work from anywhere for their staff, this is a great way to keep the communications flowing in your organization.
All plans in RingCentral Office include local and long distance calling to Canada and the U.S.A. There are some limits on length of calls and a fair use policy is included in your plan. You will never go over your minute count with RingCentral Office.
RingCentral Office brings the power of the Cloud to businesses of any size. From 5 - 5000 employees, RingCentral Office has something for everyone. Local support is available as an option with RingCentral Office, BrantTel has tailored unique support plans for customers of all sizes. This is your existing phone system with everything else included. Team Meetings, Video Calls, Chat, Fax over Internet and Business texting (SMS).
Currently RingCentral Office is offered in a monthly, yearly and 3 and 5 year package terms. The longer the contract, the less the license cost over the term of the contract. BrantTel offers Support Contracts that cover your organization over any of the offered term contracts.
You can call our Service desk at 1-800-632-0585, you can email the Service department at or you can fill out the Service request form, under the Service menu on

RingCentral – How Phone Numbers Work

Yes, BrantTel will port your existing number to the RingCentral Office platform. We arrange a porting date for your numbers, and we make sure your system is up and running when they go live. If you have many numbers (DID's), a porting fee may apply.
Yes, you can buy phone numbers and associate them with your business, you can also buy 800 numbers if you desire.
Yes, your phone number for your business stays with you. We make sure that it's a part of your RingCentral Office solution.
Your outgoing caller ID has to conform to the CRTC policy 2018-484, caller ID has to conform to North American standards. ie. 10 digits. We'll set this up for you correctly when we install the system.

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