Optimize your AWS Workloads

Complete Optimization Services with BrantTel

Features Include:

  • Cost and Expense Managment

  • Proactive Security Monitoring

  • Compliance and Audit Assurance

  • Inventory and Utilization

  • Scheduled Backups & Snapshots

Get the most from AWS with a Consulting Partner

BrantTel Networks, an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner are pleased to offer AWS Cloud Optimization services for your business. Reporting is detailed and broken down by these categories – General Account Setup, Identity and Access Management (IAM), CloudTrail and AWS Configuration. Each finding is accompanied by one, or more, recommendations that describe possible changes. The reports contain three classifications: Critical, Warning and Pass. BrantTel provides the professional services needed to Optimize your AWS infrastructure, we do this with value-added tools, Certified Architect resources and the experience managing AWS infrastructure for many customers.

Full Visualization

Monthly meetings with Optimization experts

Brief your executives

on your modernization progress and cost containment measures.

Detailed Workshops with Certified Architects

One to one recommendations and consulting

Customized Reports - per instance

a full breakdown of your spend, usage and key KPI’s

Automations are available

Reports delivered as-a-service

We'll leverage the entire reporting suite

to give you the most detailed breakdown of your Cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of Optimization Reporting

  • Custom Reporting

  • Intervals to the hour

  • Monthly Recommendations from a Certified Architect

  • Business case data to move more apps

  • Reporting for every instance, of every product

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With over 38 years of designing and deploying data, networking and voice solutions. Turn to BrantTel to ensure your Cloud Optimization strategy is delivering for your business.

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