In 1982, the Falco family became the owners of a small interconnect company in Burlington, Ontario with the aim of selling phone systems at the ground level of a new and burgeoning telecommunications industry. In the years since, BrantTel has grown from a locally owned and operated distributor into a full service, highly skilled and accomplished consulting company and integrator of Unified Communications and Contact Centre solutions. With a rich history of nimbly growing our offerings to keep in step with each innovation in business communications, BrantTel is poised to continue this trend as we look ahead to the future.

We don’t just sell and support Technology, we do it with a singular purpose, and that is; To give our customers a competitive advantage in the markets they choose to compete. Technology is a tool in the toolbox but the preferred approach, is strategic. We partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies to add ‘components’ to a complete business solution. Our goals are to give this competitive advantage to our customers and consistently refine and re-define the strategy.

Since the dawn of the printing press, technology has connected people and ideas-the lifeblood of business-and today’s tools are no different. Through the years we’ve seen the tools change many times, but one thing remains true: expertly implemented communications technology can transform business. Today, BrantTel continues in our tradition of a human touch and expert design, deployment and support. We don’t exist simply to sell technology, but rather to use our expertise in engineering and design to craft a purpose built solution that helps you exceed your business goals, continuing to do what we’ve done from the very beginning: bring Business Together.

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