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Collaboration & Productivity

BrantTel takes a comprehensive approach to planning, deploying, and supporting collaboration and productivity tools

Trusted Advisors For Collaboration & Productivity

Have you considered the impact of today's changing work environment? What approaches, strategies, and platforms will ensure you have success? 
We're here to work with you in planning, developing, and supporting collaboration solutions

Our Approach

Our simple and effective approach ensures the outcome we deliver will fully meet your specific requirements in a cost effective yet scalable manner, which reduces risk. Aligned to Customer Success, we identify the outcome to achieve and deliver it.

With over 30 years of Collaboration experience let us help you with a new deployment or optimizing an existing collaboration platform, we can help you get to where you need to be.

We use a five phased approach which involves reviewing and assessing your current operations, identifying improvement opportunities, creating a solution that meets your business' short and long term goals followed by a deployment of the solution in a timely manner, packaged with ongoing support and services customized to your needs and specifications.

Review and Assess

Understand your Business Needs

Our trusted advisors will take the time to understand organization from a people, process and technology perspective. We need to understand and document your current state including all of the existing phone system components, service provider contracts and telephony services in place today. Gather the business needs and identify the gaps to understand the areas to improve upon.

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Identify Opportunities

Identify, align and prioritize improvement opportunities in the organization. Bring ideas for new opportunities based on trends and best practices.Identify opportunities to bring tactical (short term) and strategic (long term) benefits. Prioritize and short list the opportunities to identify what success will look like for the organization.

Create a Plan

Understand the current operating (ongoing) and capital (one-time) costs associated with your existing environment. Our advisors will then build and recommend a cost justified solution aligned to your success objectives. Our solution will include the implementation and adoption roadmap with a clear understanding of the operating and capital costs. Our plan will consider risk analysis to ensure constraints are considered and business continuity requirements are met.

Complete Journey

BrantTel starts from the beginning; in order to ensure CX success we have to trace the customer experience from every single interaction. Our planning will ensure that no small detail is overlooked by filtering the journey at every single touchpoint


Implementing solutions with success

Our team has been implementing collaborations using best practices and continuously improved upon since 1982, over our history we have deployed over 5,000 unified communications systems. Through this we have a structured deployment methodology that starts with Project Management, then works through platform design, testing including Vendor and User acceptance testing (UAT). Documentation of the environment and the adoption services focused on customer success, including training and transition support services

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Customer Success

To ensure the desired outcome is achieved we can deliver a suite of services to help ensure a smooth adoption. In addition to online, in person and on demand training, we can supply digital posters and digital assets to ensure users are comfortable and well informed with the new desk phones and applications they will be using. We aim to make the day a success and it starts with communication to the entire organization and is educated to embrace the new technology.


To ensure the business phone system transition will be successful, we offer a range of services to test the environment prior to it supporting your organization. We can deliver capacity or stress testing of the system to ensure it operates to the capacity required. We also can build and execute test plans to ensure the Collaboration operates in all of your business continuity scenarios.

Support & Manage

White Glove Operational & Proactive Support

Support and managed services go hand in hand. We offer a complete and customized suite of services to ensure your Business Phone System is operating optiminaly. Our proactive service includes ongoing monitoring of your Business Phone System to ensure we are notified 24 hours a day 7 days a week of any incidents and can work them to resolution. As technology is continuously improved we can manage the software upgrades and patch management. With our Advisors aligned to your technology roadmap and Customer Success we will ensure you are advised of hardware and software lifecycles to mitigate operational risks to your organization. Our advisors are available when you need us via phone, email and chat.

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Business Continuity

BrantTel Cloud Backup Service for disaster recovery provides a Business Phone System in the cloud that can be activated and used to ensure your business phone calls always get answered. If your on premise or onsite system fails we can ensure your main business phone numbers are redirected and answered by our Cloud Auto-Attendant. Giving you an extra layer of resiliency to ensure your business phone calls always make it to you, as this has no dependency on your environment or system it is available 24 hours a day to take over by redirecting your main business phone number to the cloud backup service.

Voice Talent

Ensuring your brand has a consistent and great sounding voice to help them navigate your auto attendant is important and impacts the experience of your customers. We provide service to have professional voice talent transform your auto attendant scripts into the voice of your business. As your business needs change so will your announcements on your auto attendant on your phone system, we can manage this with our voice talent service.

Enabling Enriched Communications

Collaboration is more important than ever before. With more employees working from home, its crucial to have the right solutions in place 

BrantTel provides full service collaboration tools to help your business thrive through any situation 
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Trusted Advisors serving Canada, USA and locally in southern Ontario area for over 40 years. Collaboration, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Business Phone, & Cloud Infrastructure delivered with White Glove service by trusted advisors with PURPOSE
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