Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Leverage your Bandwidth, thrive in the Cloud.

Features Include:

Thrive in the Cloud

BrantTel Networks, an Oracle Business Partner are pleased to offer Oracle SD-WAN (formerly Talari).  Leveraging the power of commodity internet links, binding them together and packet steering across the public internet are the pillars of SD-WAN Technology. Connecting multiple branch locations with software defined networking is quickly becoming the go to standard for those organizations running multiple Clouds. Failsafe, is a patented phrase which simply means, the internet connections don’t failover to their peer during an outage, they failsafe. SD-WAN is maximizing the bandwidth throughput over multiple internet connections, ensuring an always on state. For those organizations that run critical apps like Point of Sale, CRM, Customer Service and Contact Centre, bandwidth dependency is the business lifeline. BrantTel Networks is an integrator of Oracle hardware and software solutions, your local expert in Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton and London. Reach out to us and let’s explore how an Oracle SD-WAN can work for your business.

Aggregate multiple Internet Connections

Maintain consistant bandwidth for Enterprise apps

Failsafe, more than Fail over.

Let BrantTel Networks bring you the savings and critical uptime provided by SD-WAN, Contact Us.

Replace your WAN

At the fraction of an MPLS network

Control utilization across branches

The right size network with options to maintain consistent throughput

Adaptive, deterministic per-packet optimal WAN-path decisions

with detailed reporting

Bandwidth reservation and control

Reserve bandwidth for key business apps

  • Virtual or Physical deployment options

  • From 100MB to 2GB Managed throughput

  • Freely design your network for your business

  • Supporting your move to the Cloud

  • Dynamic path liquidity

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