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27 January 2021
How to Make Video Calls More Engaging for Your Team

Many businesses have had to make some changes during the last year, like learning how to keep employee morale up, but we’ve since found some ways to adjust. One thing that’s become more commonplace lately is video conferencing or online meetings for team meetings. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s been difficult to meet in person, […]

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25 January 2021
Meet Chris Boivin - Director CX Delivery

Chris Boivin joined the BrantTel Networks team in September of 2020 as the Director CX Delivery.  Bringing over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology field and has extensive experience in managing large IT Delivery Organizations.  Chris attended Sheridan College where he completed a Computer Science Diploma.   Upon graduating, Chris started an IT position […]

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29 October 2020
Why Real-Time Communication and Collaboration are Key to Remote Work

The coronavirus pandemic has led companies to embrace the new normal in business — remote work. While some employers are hesitant in adopting this new trend, remote work is more effective and has higher employee productivity than in an office work setting. Luckily for many employers, the advancement in communication technology and team collaboration software, […]

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29 September 2020
Steps to Undergo a Digital Transformation

To continue thriving in a world of smartphones and computers, modern businesses must change with the times and join the bandwagon that is digital transformation. Many businesses, perhaps even your competitors, have embarked on this particular journey to meet the needs of the existing business landscape. To follow suit and regain your place in the […]

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28 August 2020
Pivoting Customer Service in a Digital World

The digital age pushes companies to jump out of their comfort zones and modify their business models to cater to the changes in the new marketing reality. Interestingly, the trend driving all these changes and dictating business decisions are the customers' evolving demands and purchasing behaviours. Nowadays, customers are becoming more particular with content. They […]

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29 July 2020
How to Keep Employee Morale up in a Work From Home Setup

Life in self-quarantine has become the new normal around the world and presents new challenges for employees and employers alike. A great many businesses have switched to working from home to keep operations going. It’s a great move to help reduce the risk of infection. However, businesses have had to make some major adjustments to […]

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30 June 2020
Lessons From COVID-19: Why Entrust Your Business to the Cloud

As COVID-19 continues to spread, businesses are forced to rethink the way they have to conduct their activities. Many have turned towards remote working. Almost overnight, vast amounts of information have been transferred to the cloud. Zoom, a cloud meeting app, surpassed 300 million meeting participants by April. The cloud has proven to be a […]

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7 May 2020
The Transformation Gap - What we've learned

All of us in the Business world are very aware of what challenges we’ve faced over the past few months. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and about what technology and process gaps that business’ need to close to be successful in the future. These are the highlights from our own unique BrantTel perspective. People […]

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30 April 2020
6 Tips for Effective Communications While Working Remotely

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, government authorities from around the world have taken drastic measures to curb infection rates. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, they have strongly advised the public to stay at home. In line with this preventive measure, companies in Canada that have not ceased operations have been forced to […]

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