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10 January 2020

Build out a Geo-Redundant WAN - Connect all your locations

Frank Mirecki

Many organizations today share lots of data, data lakes, data ponds and oceans of info that finds itself in CRM’s and Database apps. Along with this requirement are things like shared applications, cloud applications, phone system connectivity and even Wireless networks. All of these business critical apps rely on reliable connectivity to stay connected to the cloud or host application server.

In the past there was not many options for these dedicated circuits between business locations, MPLS networking is the most common and the most expensive to maintain. It works, and that’s what organizations were looking for as the transmission of data among multiple locations became mission critical.

At BrantTel, we often get asked by customers to design connectivity solutions for their business’, especially when the organization had multiple offices across the country. Recently, I came across a customer that wanted this type of MPLS functionality across 40 locations, 40 small locations. The problem facing this is that MPLS is typically about $1000 per month, per location. This was out of reach financially for this organization (a smaller not for profit health org).

The solution for this customer is based on a relatively new concept in the marketplace called SD-WAN. SD-WAN can replace the expensive MPLS network with commodity internet connections, and binds them together for increased throughput, and most importantly, if one fails, the packets are steered onto the internet connection that is functioning. This solution is less than half the cost of an MPLS network and can be scaled down for smaller locations with fewer users. Sounds simple enough, but there’s more to the story.

By using different internet connections for your business you are implementing a version of geo-redundancy. As an example, if you use Bell and Rogers as your internet providers, the relays (Sometimes called CO’s, or Central Offices), are in two distinctly different locations. Bell and Rogers don’t DMARC to the same spot, they vary by geography. This gives your business an advantage over an MPLS network, which DMARC’s to only one Central Office. If a backhoe digs up that connection by accident, you are down in an MPLS Scenario, every time. If you are using SD-WAN, then the connection that was not picked up by the backhoe remains alive and intact.

SD-WAN provides many benefits to customers with multiple locations, it keeps your internet connectivity running at peak performance yes, but it also allows your company to benefit from geo-redundancy by implementing carrier redundancy at the same time. Don’t overlook that point if you are considering a wide area network upgrade, it could be a lifesaver for your business connectivity.

Learn more about the benefits of SD-WAN from Oracle (then Talari Networks), download this solution brief for more.

Speak to a Trusted advisor about SD-WAN for your Business.


Frank Mirecki
10 January 2020

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