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15 June 2017

Top 3 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at SD-WAN

Frank Mirecki
Perhaps you have heard the term “SD-WAN” thrown around these days. For some, it may be familiar, but for many others, you find yourself asking, “I'm sorry--SD What?” So, what is SD-WAN and why are so many people talking about it? Simply put, SD-WAN stands for “software-defined wide area networking”, and while it hasn’t been on the scene long, it’s looking like a train no enterprise should miss.
As business apps and internet access become more embedded in the enterprise, it is becoming increasingly essential that these systems don’t fail. Cloud-based CRM’s and IP-based Unified Communications depend on real-time, fast connections. Where once we relied solely on hardware devices, circuits, and pipes, SD-WAN leverages software improvements to outperform its hardware predecessors, increasing its potential output and protecting from potential outages. SD-WAN allows you to make much more of your internet and network capabilities without significant upgrades.
Whether you’re a growing or established organization, there are multiple reasons this technology makes sense for you on a business level. Here are 3 primary reasons you should take a closer look at the disruptive force that is SD-WAN, and after you consider them, be sure to register for our Free Webinar on June 27th where we’ll dive into the deep-end on this technology and what it can do for your business!
  1. SD-WAN Is perfect for Multiple Office locations using centralized tools
    The fact is that running centralized apps creates an inherent dependency on the MPLS Network of the business. Whether it’s Cloud, UC, CRM or ERP--it all relies on either centralized or cloud based deployments. SD-WAN helps to make the most of whatever you’re using and keep these mission-critical systems up and running.
  2. SD-WAN increases Business Agility
    Mergers/Acquisitions/Open/Close/Move – The modern business is less and less tied to brick and mortar, but even the most agile businesses want the ability to make moves and changes without a huge lag time while proper circuits are installed. With SD-WAN, this is a major pain point that can be averted.
  3. SD-WAN offers Cost Reduction
    Yes, you heard that right: Cost Reduction. What does an MPLS failure cost your business? No apps, no integrated Unified Communications? The Downtime dollars associated with failures like these are very real, and not insignificant. SD-WAN helps reduce the cost of doing business.
Looking for more information?
Naturally, we’re just skimming the surface here - but we can’t wait to get into some of the technical details and answer any questions you may have about this incredible and cutting-edge technology. Be sure to join us June 27th for our free Webinar with industry expert Kevin Suitor where we’ll dive even deeper into what SD-WAN could do for you. We'd be glad to answer your questions and, as always, help you bring your Business Together better.
Frank Mirecki
15 June 2017

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