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9 November 2017

What We Learned at GTACC 2017

Frank Mirecki
Now that the curtain has fallen on GTACC 2017, we’re excited to share some of what we gleaned from this year's top-notch roster of speakers and presenters. 

As usual, BrantTel Networks was a Gold Sponsor at the event which brought together Customer Service leadership from Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses alike, all eager to hear the latest about Customer Satisfaction initiatives and innovation. 

So, what did we learn? 

3 Lessons We Learned at GTACC 

While it’s no surprise that providing an outstanding Customer experience is top of mind for just about every organization, here are a few things we learned while speaking with attendees at the conference. 

We All Want Better Workforce Automation Tools

Workforce automation has come a long way with WFO/WFM technologies, but they don’t pack the punch that CX leaders want to manage the workforce best.
We predict that up-and-coming features such as shift bidding, instant feedback, and score-carding will help, so watch for these features to mature soon. All signs point to significant investment in Workforce Management - it's just a matter of time.

Delivering an Omnichannel Experience

It seems like a simple solution, right? Blend Email, Chat, SMS, and Voice so the customer can choose how to engage with your business. These technologies are powerful but often executed poorly. We've found that more often than not, it is business workflows--not the technology itself--that impedes delivery.
As they say, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well established business workflows are hard to change after they’ve been in place for years. Want a successful Omni-channel experience? Focus on customer journey mapping and a flexible approach with back end business systems.

Digital Transformation, and its Effects

Digital Transformation” has been a hot topic for some time, but we’ve yet to see its’ effects on Canadian shores. Let's face it; we are sometimes slow to adopt new tools in Canada. But this can work for us rather than against us. Businesses should take the opportunity to prepare for this disruption rather than be caught catching up when it happens at large.
Deployment of business technology has never been easier. With a bevy of Cloud options and quick turnarounds, now is the time to test these technologies. For example, few companies have created downloadable apps that integrate with back-end business systems. When it happens, you'll know that Corporate Canada has come to the transformation front.

3 Challenges from GTACC

Security – MFIPPA, HIPPA, PIPEDA and More

We’ve all heard about recent hacks leaving personal and financial information vulnerable. These security standards for dealing with personal information are being put to the test. As regulations tighten, it creates new challenges for Omnichannel customer experience and often fast-moving tools responsible for Digital Transformation. Watch for these standards to grow and vary in complexity and deliverables, which will create new challenges for CX while the Tech community busily works to satisfy shifting demands in order to increase adoption.

Knowledge Management

Ah, the KB. In-skin knowledge management systems do exist, but their content is still limited to who contributes. Many organizations can look to AI and analytics to fill the gap and solve the most common knowledge-based issues, publishing content for all agents to consume and learn.

Speed of Deployment

The speed of deployment remains challenging for many in our space, but aligning workflows to the tools that engage customers can help a great deal. Leveraging the cloud for Business apps can reduce the speed of deployment by weeks or even months. Additionally, by using a pre-built computing environment like AWS, you can get started in less than a day.
If there's one thing we’ve learned in 35 years of working with customers of all sizes, it's this: there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Despite trends, leaders and companies in every industry are working towards to the same end: an exceptional customer experience. 
Frank Mirecki
9 November 2017

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