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GTACC 2018 - in Review

27 November 2018

Frank Mirecki

Another wonderful event put on by the GTACC team! BrantTel Networks is a proud Gold sponsor for this yearly meeting of the CX minds. Here's our insights into what proved to be an interesting and innovating day of discussion and learning.

Click here to see a video of the crowd at GTACC 2018

The central themes of this year GTACC Event were:

1. Innovation
What is Innovation? Innovation is fundamental to the growth and survival of your business.  You can disrupt and set the pace or be disrupted and forever scramble to keep up. Everyone within an organization should be an innovator and organizations that build a culture of innovation will thrive.

2. Adoption
What is Adoption? Adoption is integral to the success of innovation.  Customer-facing sales and services teams must have the ability to predictably embrace change and adopt process and technological innovation in order to sustain a competitive advantage and remain relevant to their customers. There can be no ROI and we won’t even know if an Innovation might have worked, if employees do not adopt the innovations.


Top attended Breakouts included:

1) Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation
It was helpful to learn what can be referred to as AI, by some, but isn’t really AI. Looking in a little more detail there are two main fields of AI – Applied AI and General AI.

For General AI think of IBM Watson, the deep learning platform designed to answer any question posed in natural language – necessary to win the game of Jeopardy! on national television with millions watching.

In the world of Customer Experience think of chatbots as a particular implementation of Applied AI as they can focus on a specific task e.g. help someone make an automated payment through Facebook Messenger.

With our focus on Customer Experience it is important that you avoid “chatbot hell” at all costs. Having a seamless customer journey where the focus is on delivering the customer outcome is the important thing to keep to the forefront of your mind. Achieving this outcome will required some level of automation through AI and usually an interaction with right person to help resolve the query.*

This is also referred to as Blended AI. The blending of the strengths of AI (instant access to vast knowledge base, quick responses to common questions) and the strengths of the human CX representative (interrupting complex requests, inquiries and emotions) leads to the most desirable outcome for the customer. This enhances CX agent engagement, productivity and satisfaction because of their improved efficiency and effectiveness in delivering an exceptional experience which is ultimately what makes for a happy customer. And it doesn’t require the General AI of IBM’s Watson to learn and know happier customers result in happier more fulfilled employees.

*Source: https://syndeo.cx/demystifying-the-world-of-ai-for-customer-service/


2) Mapping the Employee Journey

There's no question that companies get the importance of mapping the customer journey and those who are winning have all done an excellent job of this across all touchpoints and possible variations. Surprisingly then, that in an age of servant leadership where the employee experience is a known driver of the customer experience, very few organizations have mapped their employee journeys. The employee journey is an integral part of Blended AI.

Blended AI in combination with Gamification also motivates agents to achieve their objective by immersing them in fun game – like environments. These virtual environments leverage agents natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition.

During the AI session it was interesting to hear RBC tell us that they’re exploring working with smaller partners for their AI initiatives. They feel that the big AI vendors provide a big-box mentality to AI but a smaller partner is more flexible and is likely to grow and tailor solutions specifically for them.

Next Step:

Don’t wait for it to be figured out as it is not your typical mass markets product. It is how you use it to solve your complex CX business opportunities and challenges that will make a difference for your business. At BrantTel we pride ourselves on being a small, nimble trusted CX advisor that consistently delivers customized solutions the meet the unique needs of our client’s employees and customers.

Contact us at BrantTel to learn more about how Blended AI and Gamification can optimize your CX opportunities and challenges to grow your business profitably.


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Frank Mirecki
27 November 2018

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27 November 2018
GTACC 2018 - in Review

Another wonderful event put on by the GTACC team! BrantTel Networks is a proud Gold sponsor for this yearly meeting of the CX minds. Here's our insights into what proved to be an interesting and innovating day of discussion and learning.Click here to see a video of the crowd at GTACC 2018 The central themes […]

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