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31 July 2019

Working to drive value

Frank Mirecki

Like many technology companies in Canada today BrantTel has been working more than ever to transform to drive greater business value and make a difference for its clients. As the old adage goes – “It is not just about working harder it is also about working smarter.” We are improving upon and adding new processes, new technologies, new people and new business partnerships in order to accomplish this transformation.

We look forward to continuing down this path as we strive to deliver business solutions and outcomes that provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage in the markets that they choose to compete. That sustainable competitive advantage no longer includes just best in-class voice technologies but now also includes best in class user experience solutions, customer experience solutions, cloud computing solutions and connectivity solutions. All of which better enable our client’s ability to compete in today’s challenging global marketplaces.


As we all know successful transformations are not easy and this transformation at BrantTel is no different. It requires insight, vision, strategy, and best in class execution by all stakeholders. However, it must start with leadership and Frank Mirecki and Brad Wikston have led by example. The results are apparent in the transformations that have included many BrantTel stakeholders such as:

  • BrantTel ownership, leadership & their employees
  • BrantTel’s growing list of world class vendor partners such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Genesys, Mitel and Avaya
  • BrantTel’s external agency partners like HalTech
  • And most importantly BrantTel’s growing client base

I have been told that BrantTel is now viewed on many fronts as a thought leader and first mover throughout the industry ecosystem and across multiple practices. This is also reflective in our stakeholder’s investment decisions and actions based on BrantTel recommendations. All of which builds upon our growing reputation as a Trusted Advisor with Purpose.

As a result I believe that the next logical step in this transformation is to announce that Frank Mirecki now take the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Brad Wikston now take the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) both reporting directly to me.

I look forward to the ongoing success of BrantTel’s transformation and the opportunity to make future announcements like this as BrantTel continues grow by delivering business value to and make a difference for our clients.

Please feel free to contact me directly or any of your BrantTel contacts to answer any questions you may have about this announcement or any of the exciting changes that are transforming BrantTel.

All of us at BrantTel look forward to hearing from you!

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Frank Mirecki
31 July 2019

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