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15 April 2020

Pay-As-You-Go - As a Service

Frank Mirecki

Pay-As-You-Go - A less risky way to connect your staff to your customers.

Our customers tell us what is happening with their organizations.

For some healthcare customers, they are flooded with calls that are overtaking their ability to handle them all. For others, they are in the process of downsizing their workforces and looking for ways to save money to keep their business going through the pandemic.

Pay-as-You-Go pricing models can assist all types of organizations achieve their goals, using a cost model that fits with their budgets and expectations of the marketplace. We're seeing unprecedented numbers of businesses ask BrantTel to assist with their ability to stay connected, and we're responding with our toolbox of solutions. Pay-As-You-Go is the one area that seems to have less of a following, mostly because in our experience, it's not a traditional model of purchasing and that alone makes it a touch aloof.

One time purchases of licenses and equipment has been common over decades, and we experience this in our personal lives as well. A great post by a BrantTel author about "Buy the house or rent the apartment?" is sure to spark some debate. We've all invested in a major appliance and did not want to take the 'lease' option, because we knew it would cost more in the end. If you could pay for your car only when you drove it, would that make sense today?

Aws consulting partner

BrantTel is an Amazon Web Services Consulting partner and we're using all that AWS has to offer to bring these pay-as-you-go solutions to our customers. That's the model for AWS, it's all Pay-As-You-Go , all the time. One of the many reasons that AWS has been a true disruptor in the technology arena.

Consider the Costs (Costs in USD)

Telephone Numbers (DID's) - Per Day


Voice - Per Minute (Inbound)


Voice - Per Minute (Outbound - Canada)


Amazon Connect is a Omnichannel Contact Centre application. However, that does not mean it only has to be used for the Contact Centre. Imagine ditching your traditional PRI's or phone lines and going to a complete Pay-As-You-Go model. The benefits are real. If your business is busy, making money, you pay more for more interactions. If your business is slow, you only pay for what you use. Perfect scaling based on business outcomes.

You can use Amazon Connect to route calls to anyone in your organization over the internet, fully supporting work from anywhere staff. All you need is a computer, the soft phone client and a headset and you're good to go. BrantTel provides all of the implementation and training services with your Account setup.

Over our time as an AWS partner, we've learned the true value of this incredible platform. We're passing this on to our customers so they can either scale up, or down, based on market conditions. Considering what's happening out there right now, we felt this is a good time to share our findings with you.

Reach out to BrantTel for all of your AWS infrastructure of communications requests. We're putting our teams to work, solving business problems with the technology available, you may be surprised how much we can do on this platform. You can read more about Amazon Connect here.

Stay healthy, and safe.

Frank Mirecki
15 April 2020

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