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How to Keep Employee Morale up in a Work From Home Setup

29 July 2020

Frank Mirecki

Life in self-quarantine has become the new normal around the world and presents new challenges for employees and employers alike. A great many businesses have switched to working from home to keep operations going. It’s a great move to help reduce the risk of infection. However, businesses have had to make some major adjustments to keep up with the changes.

Home-based work used to be the realm of workers like virtual assistants. While working from home has increased in popularity over the past few years, it is an entirely new concept for many. The experience can also come with a great many challenges — one of which is the feeling of isolation and demotivation. Because of this, it is crucial for employers to find new ways to keep employee morale high as you get used to the new normal.

Here’s a list of ideas that can help nurture employee morale and maintain high job satisfaction.

  1. Promote company culture
    Every company has its own culture that guides and informs how they approach their work. With so many of your employees working from home, it’s more important than ever that you emphasize a common company culture all your employees can share in.It’s a great way to both foster a sense of belonging within the company and to give everyone a sense of stability during the current pandemic. Actively encourage each other to embody your company values in their dealings with their coworkers and customers.Use teleconferencing to let employees stay connected
  1. Keep up regular meetings
    Team meetings are a vital part of normal operations. Before the pandemic, most companies held weekly or monthly meetings with everyone in attendance. These meetings were a great time to keep everyone in the loop and get some insights from other teams.Even now, you can continue to have meetings to make sure everyone is in the loop and encourage discussion among virtual teams. With so many people working remotely, meetings are a golden opportunity for employees to catch up on work from other sectors of the company, as well as socialize a little. Look into the video conferencing tools available to help facilitate improved communication between employees.Use video calls
  1. Encourage video conferences
    Conference calling is a great tool for keeping in touch while so many people are stuck at home. They’re also a great way to give your employees a human touch when working remotely. Video conferencing is the next best thing to face-to-face meetings and allows your employees a little contact with the outside world.According to the theory of social information processing, online relationships can take longer to develop than face-to-face relationships. Spur coworkers to spend some time socializing to strengthen their relationships. It’s an effective method for building bonds through the company and helping people stay mentally healthy in the new normal. You can also take advantage of video conferencing to maintain a professional and productive attitude to keep your minds on your work. Schedule your meetings in the morning to give employees a sense of stability; in a way, it’ll be just like going to work. It’s also a chance to dress up nicely and fix up your appearance before showing yourself to the others, helping you all stay come to work with the right attitude.Share some of your personal life
  1. Get creative with tech
    When it comes to building your company culture, it doesn't have to be all work and no play. Find ways to let your employees bond over virtual meetings. During lunch, you can encourage employees to have a video conference and eat lunch “together.” If your coworkers used to go out for drinks after work, you can conference together to share drinks and bond like you did before.With so many people working from home, you can also take advantage of video conferencing to share some more personal details of your own lives. Consider giving each other virtual tours of your home and show your coworkers a different side of yourself. The more tech-savvy among you may also want to take the chance to play some online games on your own time to help bond over something you can share.
  1. Establish check-ins
    Online platforms are a great way to reach out to employees and coworkers whenever you need to. Encourage your managers and team leaders to check in with employees every now and then — even without a regular agenda in mind. Think of it as a way to get some honest feedback from employees about work, and find ways to make the work environment more employee-friendly. Afternoons are a great time for these impromptu talks.Long hours at home can be demotivating. Check-ins can keep everyone’s minds focused on the task without being obtrusive. Feedback also helps to let employees know their ideas and opinions matter. When they see positive changes happen because of their input, they see that you care and morale stays high. For extra efficiency, consult communications specialists to help enhance your systems and make it easier for your workforce to reach out when necessary.
  1. Stay in contact
    In times of crisis and difficulty, it’s crucial that leaders stay calm. Your employees look to you as a role model. It pays to stay in touch. Keep your employees in the loop to foster greater employee engagement with the company as a whole.  Now more than ever is a great time to be transparent. With many people worried about their jobs, it’s vital for you to be open about the state of the company.Offer some regular updates during your meetings to give your employees some assurance and alleviate any anxieties. As an aside, it’s also a good idea to rely on video calls from time to time. It allows your employees to read your body language and facial expressions to help give them some peace of mind.Celebrate each other’s birthdays virtually
  1. Show you care
    Remember to take the time to talk about subjects other than work-related ones. Showing some interest in people’s lives outside of work is an effective way to build and maintain your relationships. It’s also a great way to demonstrate a healthy work-life balance for your employees. Share some stories about your lives as well to help break the ice and encourage each other to open up. These actions are a powerful way to show your coworkers that you care about them as people. You can even host virtual birthdays once they come around to show that all employees feel valued, no matter where they are. Share the birthday celebrations across a conference and make sure everyone’s involved.

Be each other’s support group

  1. Set up virtual support groups
    One advantage of working at an office is actually being able to talk over problems with coworkers and get some perspective on any personal issues happening in your life. Telecommuting works if you get creative.Set up a virtual support group for when anyone needs a shoulder to cry on or some life advice. Build your own group chat specifically for that purpose and offer each other a helping hand when times get rough. Everyone goes through rough patches sometimes, and it’s more important now that we are able to offer help when it’s needed. This approach is also a great way for you to offer and receive solutions while strengthening bonds as you work through those problems. Look into quality communications support to find a platform that suits your employees’ needs.

As we all become more comfortable with these new virtual workplaces, it’s vital employers shift their focus from productivity to keeping employee morale high. Keep your focus on employee wellbeing and develop a positive work environment to help your workforce thrive and keep productivity high.

At BrantTel Networks, we’re here to offer convenient communication solutions to help your business stay in touch with workers and clients alike. With more employees working from home, it’s vital you have an easy way of staying in touch with your people to do business efficiently. Call us now at (905) 632-6620 to set up your new communication system.

Frank Mirecki
29 July 2020

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29 July 2020
How to Keep Employee Morale up in a Work From Home Setup

Life in self-quarantine has become the new normal around the world and presents new challenges for employees and employers alike. A great many businesses have switched to working from home to keep operations going. It’s a great move to help reduce the risk of infection. However, businesses have had to make some major adjustments to […]

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