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19 November 2021
New Digital Badges for BrantTel Employees

In an effort to improve safety and security for everyone, we have recently adopted a digital ID badge for our employees. Any BrantTel employee that is required to go on site for service will be able to produce the digital id on their smartphone. The digital IDs are controlled centrally and always kept up to […]

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12 November 2021
Hybrid Meetings. What Are They And How to Host Them

With many organizations having far more employees working remotely than ever before, the new challenge is how to run meetings with a mix of in person and remote participants.  Many organizations are now or will soon be holding more hybrid meetings. Hybrid meetings are meetings in which some employees are face-to-face in a meeting room […]

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1 November 2021
Our Tips for Improving Collaboration with a Remote Team

Working from home is not a new concept. Companies all around the world are looking to recruit individuals who work from home to reduce geographic restrictions.  Many have anticipated for a long time that remote work will be a trend that will continue to expand over time. No one, however, anticipated that the unusual occurrence would […]

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28 October 2021
Why Your Business Should Be Using Productivity Tools

What is a workplace without productivity?  Productivity is the lifeblood of any sustainable and expandable business. Unfortunately, employees with low engagement and un-streamlined structures in their work environment end up producing much less than the workweek could provide. This is what makes productivity tools so important. Part of digital transformation has been about introducing tools […]

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18 October 2021
5 Ways Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Can Improve ROI

The ultimate objective of customer experience (CX) is to be as smooth as possible, rapidly resolving customers' concerns efficiently and in the manner they prefer.  Every encounter with a consumer becomes a chance to build loyalty and revenue streams; when customers have a positive experience and are happy, they buy more and recommend more, but […]

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14 October 2021
Communication Problems in the Workplace and How to Address Them

Proper communication is the foundation of any great workplace. In essence, internal and external communication among workers represents an organization as a whole, including its reputation. The fact remains that problems can still arise regardless of the communication measures in place. If workplace communication is not in good form, then you can bet that the […]

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7 October 2021
How to Build a Robust Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience sits at the heart of every business or organization. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to focus more on customer experience. To do that, you need to create a sound strategy that helps you resonate better with your audience and give them an overall better experience with you. […]

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27 September 2021
What Type of Business Phone System is Right for You?

What Type of Business Phone System is Right for You? Communication is at the heart of every business, whether it’s through a messaging service, phone lines, or email. While instant messaging applications seem to be the preferred way of communicating nowadays, having a working phone system for businesses is still a requirement.  Today’s phone systems […]

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27 August 2021
How Do You Improve Customer Experience in Your Contact Centers

Contact centers have had the incredible advantage of emerging technologies pushing globalization in the digital age. A customer experience strategy is more crucial than ever if you want your brand to compete worldwide.  According to a study, 67% of customers are quickly turned off into a successful conversion because of poor user experiences. Providing a […]

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