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6 August 2021

6 Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Frank Mirecki

Many industries are doing away with conventional technology and opting for cloud-based applications. One example of a technology quickly becoming obsolete is wired telephones, with businesses switching to integrated phone systems called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Cloud-based phone systems for businesses enable you to make phone calls via the Internet. In contrast to conventional analog phones, it does not depend on outdated infrastructure such as copper cables.


Because traditional landline phone infrastructure is being phased out, telecommunications companies are no longer investing in keeping it updated. Simultaneously, computers have grown more powerful and cost-effective. That allowed VoIP providers to make significant quality, dependability, and usefulness advances. This confluence of circumstances has caused a surge in the number of small companies migrating to VoIP.

Here are some key advantages of using a cloud-based phone system for your small business: 

Encourages Unified Communications

A conventional phone system is restricted in the capabilities it offers, and those extras are often paid for separately. Organizations may centralize all of their corporate communications using a cloud-based phone system. Voicemail, instant messaging, team chat, video conferencing, faxing, email, online apps, social networking, and internal tools such as a CRM are examples of this.

Provides Powerful Features

The ability to unify all business communications in one place is just one of the cloud-based phone system features and often at no extra fee. It may include customizable on-hold music and marketing messages, speed dialing, voicemail notifications, multi-way conferencing, video calls and more. A traditional phone system may include these features at a price point out of reach for a small business. On the other hand, when a company omits this functionality, its professional reputation can suffer.

Save More On Your Phone Bills

By utilizing VoIP, small companies can decrease their phone bill, often by as much as 70 percent. These savings come from not paying long-distance rates, purchasing or maintaining equipment, or paying additional phone lines. Cloud-based solutions can accommodate a considerable number of users for a low, affordable recurring cost.

Integrates With Any Business Well

Even the most acceptable conventional phone line can't compete with a cloud-based phone system when connecting with your company apps. However, not all cloud-based systems provide this capability. For instance, an integrated cloud-based phone system would display the complete customer information on your desktop computer screen or mobile device. You'd see their complete name on a single dashboard, schedule history if you are a facility, home addresses, schedule preference, and even remaining dues.

Long-Distance Calling Included

Even for small businesses with modest call traffic, long-distance costs may quickly pile up. Rather than incurring a monthly surprise bill or spending for built-in long-distance services from a conventional phone carrier, many small companies have chosen to utilize a cloud-based system that does not charge long-distance costs. Because VoIP utilizes the Internet to transfer voice data, placing a phone call is like sending an email. Most VoIP providers do not bill for phone calls, even if they are across the nation.

Gives You Mobility and Flexibility

Many small companies appreciate having a cloud-based phone system that enables them to accept calls wherever they are. Moreover, you can use any device with a VoIP service as long as you have a functioning Internet connection. That includes your mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer, and tablet devices. Even some small companies with numerous locations with local teams or workers who work from home can benefit from this capability. While a conventional phone system would require separate configurations at each location, a cloud-based phone provider can link all of your facilities to the same phone service.

Final Thoughts

Small businesses in today's landscape are always searching for new ways to acquire a competitive advantage. One of the most effective methods to do this is to streamline communication wherever and wherever feasible. It is critical to keep all levels of your company on the same page. Getting trapped in outdated phone systems for businesses may squander precious time during your company's operating hours. Adopting a cloud-based phone system can provide your small company with many advantages that it needs to grow.

Should you decide to go with a cloud-based phone system, BrantTel Network can be a great option. We are the best provider of small business phone systems in Canada, and we will help you bring success and growth to your company. Call us today!


Frank Mirecki


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